Pelvic Floor Toners

Over the last several years, the only thing that was available to women with a weakened pelvic floor was to do what was called "kegel" exercises. These exercises consist of squeeze and release techniques to try and strengthen the pelvic floor. If those exercises didn't work, the only other option was to have surgery which gives a varied result and doesn't always work. Now there are several different types of pelvic floor toners available to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.


What kinds of pelvic floor toners are available? Since a pelvic floor toner is a device that is made for the vagina, there are different kinds of devices that give you different information and results. The main types of pelvic toner devices consist of: electronic pelvic floor toners, vaginal balls, spring resistance based toners, vaginal barbells, and vaginal cones. The reason a pelvic floor toner device exists is because a vagina cannot get stronger by flexing empty. There must be some type of device that needs to be used to strengthen the muscles, just like a person that uses a dumbbell at the gym to strengthen their biceps.


There are many ways that these types of toners can help. First, they can provide resistance which can greatly enhance the strength of the muscles as you are actually lifting something instead of just flexing your muscles. Second, some of the devices used provide feedback which can help you know if the exercises are being done correctly. This feedback helps women to be persistent and feel like what she is doing is making a difference. Third, when a device is inserted into the vagina, it can cause the muscles to involuntarily flex to retain the device. Some of the devices even use an electronic current to maximize this reaction from the pelvic floor muscles.


As you can see, pelvic floor toners are a great tool to help women who need to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles in order to lead an active life free from incontinence and they do work. There are several different devices to help women achieve this goal. Using these devices will help you to build your pelvic floor muscles in a comfortable and intelligent way. With many of the devices being able to track your workouts, it is easier than ever to see how much progress you have made in strengthening your muscles. In a short matter of time you will be able to feel the difference as you will have stronger muscles due to these incredible muscle building devices.


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